Zed was concieved some time in early June, 1998. He was born about 6 months later to the delight of his parents. He was the biggest baby you have ever seen. Like with most kids, the cost of delivery was costly for his Mom and Dad. However, the joy of seeing their new child was worth all the expense. Life with Zed was going to be a wonderful experience.

Zed grew up fast. Within months of his birth he had reached adolescence. He was ready to meet the love of his life. Alfa was a real beauty - big and wide, long and tall. She could turn the heads of every man out there. She had rich tastes. She had style. zed was in love.

Zed and Alfa got married on January 22, 1999.

And then they were off to explore the horizons of this fine country. . . search for the finest beaches, the tallest trees, the perfect sunset, and the most beautiful places to live.

Introducting Alfa and Zed